About Knobb Hill

A decade ago, I was working as an administrator at the Institute for Social Ecology in Plainfield, VT.  Among other course offerings, the institute offered classes in appropriate and alternative technologies.  Seth Kelley came on-board as an instructor and facilitated the construction of a student designed timber framed barn and workshop.

At the time, Seth was sub-contracting for Jan Lewandoski, of Stannard, VT.  As the barn project began to take shape, I found myself enthralled with the elegance and integrity of the joinery.  I befriended Seth and began to badger him about opportunities for me to work with him on the side.

Seth began to get his own design build projects and gave me an opportunity to get my foot in the door.  After helping out  on a few of his independent projects I joined Seth on one of Jan Lewandoski’s restoration projects in Hubbardton, VT as a subcontractor.  In spite of feeling nervous and a bit wet behind the ears, I was hooked.  A few months after the Hubbardton job Seth offered me the chance to work on a restoration project near Norwich, VT.  I took my three weeks vacation from my job at the institute and dug in at the Russell barn in Norwich.  After my three weeks was up I returned to the ISE and gave my notice, I had to finish the restoration.

Seth and I worked as subcontractors together for several years and developed a symbiotic and complimentary working style.  Eventually we decided that it might be more sustainable to form an LLC.  We didn’t have an intent to start our own company per se, but it allowed us to consolidate our resources.  After working for a few years as an LLC the company seemed to create itself organically.  A few years back we made the decision to cast off the LLC status and incorporate.  The rest is history.

-Michael Cuba

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