High Ledge Farm, Woodbury, VT

Project Overview

In the spring of 2009, a fire caused by a faulty propane tank devastated High Ledge Farm of Woodbury, VT.  Owners Kate Camellitti and Paul Betz lost their house, greenhouses, a barn and other outbuildings to the fire.   Seth Kelley collaborated with Kate and Paul to design and construct a new barn.  The new barn will provide shop and storage space as well as processing space for produce.

The new barn measures thirty feet by forty feet and has a large knee wall to provide a spacious second story.  This frame has full length timbers throughout with the exception of its fully supported sills.  Downward bracing and a step lapped purlin system ensure that this new barn will endure for many generations.

Be sure to look for Kate & Paul at the farmers market in Montpelier!

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