Home Addition, Cabot, VT

Project Overview

In early 2000 I was hired to design and build a small addition for a growing family in Cabot.  Working with the family we came up with a twenty by twenty-four foot single story with a loft.  Most of the timbers came right from the property and were milled on site with a portable sawmill.  All of the posts in the frame are hardwoods, yellow birch, soft and hard maple and braces of black cherry, yellow birch and maple.  Both balsam fir plates are eight inches by eight inches by twenty feet and came from the property.  All of the timbers in the frame are hand planed using a #4 Stanley smoothing plane.  On raising day, we lifted the eave wall bents by hand with friends then we did the rest with a crane.  The homeowner did all the finish work and siding.

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