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Vermont History Exposition

Ever since we participated in our first Vermont History Exposition in 2004, we have been hooked on doing live demonstrations, talks and workshops.  We have done hands on demonstrations at the Solar Fest in Tinmouth, the Garlic festival in Montpelier and the International Preservation Trades Workshop in Barre.  The opportunity for us to participate in these events not only gives us a chance to share some of our skills and knowledge with others, but also meet and learn from other history buffs.  We have made great connections with many older Vermonters who have shared their memories and anecdotes with us.  Hopefully, our participation in these events has inspired some of the younger generation to take up an interest in local history as well.  In addition to the larger venues of expositions and festivals we have also been participating on a smaller, more intimate scale with local historical societies offering lectures and slide shows.  Let us know if there is an event that you think might be relevant to us and keep your eyes peeled for us on the front lawn of the Pavilion Building in Montpelier on July 16th 2011 at the Washington County History Fair.


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